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Origins and Destinies  "I know where I come from and where I am going but you do not know where I come from and where I am going." (Jesus, John 8:14)

So where did Destiner come from?

Destiner Press was created in 1999 as the Web resurrection of a tiny  publishing enterprise called The Olive Press, initiated in 1979, and four of its publications are re-issues from that time.

The original Press printed only small booklets which were subject to censorship by religious bookstores and proved impossible to stock at regular outlets because there was no standard section in which they fitted - not religious, not occult, not science fiction. They were in a category of their own, like nothing else on earth. Truth simply has no pigeon hole. It does not conform. Although  the booklets often reached and were requested in remote parts of the globe, distribution was expensive and in very limited editions.

Now the Web is here, and Destiner was brought into being to take advantage of it. Half a millennium ago the printing press enabled the lid to be blown off the Dark Ages. Ordinary people were awakened to the state control and crushing superstition in which they were entrapped. There had, of course,  been enlightened individuals in previous generations (you will find out about them through Destiner) but they were usually silenced and their message was restricted or distorted by the reigning authorities. The printing press changed that, and now the Web is doing it again.

The Web is also being used for indescribable sites of darkness. You may already know that. But it is equally a vehicle for light and a pathway to better ends. Congratulations. You have made it this far to Destiner.

Destiner Press is entirely independent, not part of any ethnic, racial, political, religious or denominational group whatsoever. Destiner is dedicated to the principle, manifested throughout the centuries, that the Creator, when He chooses to reveal Himself and acts, lifts individuals out of religion and politics, rescues them from both the Church and State, and leads them to the brightness of a future beyond human imagination.

Fasten your seatbelt. The ride is turbulent and the cost of real knowledge is high. Destiner will challenge all the pre-conceived beliefs you have been fed in your short time on earth, and will turn your ideas upside-down. You will ask yourself, can these things really be so? You may have to sit on your pride many times. Remember these words: the wisdom from above is open to reason, and blessed is he who takes no offence at the truth.

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