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Greetings readers.

I thank all of you who patiently held back the previous flood of questions while I prepared and wrote The Dark Powers That Bind; questions that were mostly generated by The Truth Which Sets Free and other Titles on this website. In all, over 30 years were dedicated to researching, verifying and finally delivering the information contained in these texts.

I will do my best to answer queries on the material in this website or clarify any other issues which readers have in their hearts. As before, if any inquiry turns out to be one that has been asked by many, then I will attempt to deal with the subject (anonymously as always) in the Topics section of this site.

Thank you for your readership.

* * * *

Please let us know of any typing and grammatical errors in any text or if any links or downloads on this website are not working for you. Thank you.

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Pretending to be someone else is a major tool in the devious arsenal of spammers and hackers. If you are familiar with the writings on this website then you will also know that such substitution is the prime weapon and tactic of the dark side. Theirs is the world of shadow; they hate the light and evade it to conceal their identity, and that conversely reveals what you most need to know about them. (John 3:20,21)