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  Origins and Destinies

Peter Dunstan was born in Kolar, India. After attending schools in India, Jamaica and England, he studied at University College London, receiving degrees in Architecture, Planning and Building. He also attended courses in Anthropology, discovering two life-long pursuits and associated interests, the archaeology of ancient cultures and the faiths of the world. Spending countless hours in the libraries and museums of London, he researched original texts of the scriptures of major religions, examined the artifacts of the great civilizations, and pored over exhibits in the halls of natural history and science. He has taught at the tertiary level and given lectures on empires of the past.

Traveling extensively in all six continents and living in four of them, he has explored whenever possible the relevant ruins, from Egypt to Peru, India to Mexico, including many off the beaten track. During a working stay in Israel he spent every free day analyzing historical sites from northern Galilee to the Dead Sea, and made similar investigations while serving as a relief aid worker in Muslim countries. Using local transport and hiking across southeastern Europe, from Italy through Greece and Turkey, he traced the footsteps of the apostle Paul, examining the remains of ancient Rome, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Pergamon and Laodicea. Also in support of his writing he has researched pertinent antiquities in the museums of Greece, Rome, Cairo, the tombs of Egypt, the Paris Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and several aboriginal museums in Canada, Australia, Central and South America.

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