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About the Author

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  "'For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth;

  And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind...

  They shall build houses and inhabit them;

  They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

  They shall not build and another inhabit;

  They shall not plant and another eat;

  For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people,

  And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands...

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,

  The lion shall eat straw like the ox,

  And dust shall be the serpent's food.

  They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,'

Says the LORD."

Isaiah 65:17-22, Concerning the coming judgment and new order of things.


"That knowledge is best which ends in practice." (Thomas Manton)

"Many a man's knowledge is a torch to light him to hell. You who have knowledge of God's will, but do not do it, you excel the devil who transforms himself into an angel of light." (Thomas Watson)

"There are many likewise, who go on in a round of duties, a model of performances, that think they shall go to heaven; but if you examine them, though they have a Christ in their heads, they have no Christ in their hearts." 
(George Whitefield)

"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." (James 1:22)


Origins and Destinies  "Go and do likewise." (Luke 10:,37) "... and you will have treasure in heaven, and come, follow me." (Matthew 19:21)

Save a life.   Save a roof.   Save a job.   Save a car.   Save a family.

Author's notes:

Greetings readers,

If you have read most of this website material, and have ears to hear, then you will have already realized that religion is a substitute for truth, not just a poor stand-in but a deadly replacement. Religion is not even a Biblical word, although it has been incorrectly inserted in some texts to replace the sense of the fear of God. This is just one of the ploys used by many Christian translators to weaken and confuse the message. There is almost nothing the religious mind will not seek to alter or water down in God's Word. Indeed, of the world's religious bodies the Christian Church is itself the most subtle hoax Lucifer has ever cloaked in the name of the Lord and foisted on this world. You may have already grasped that despite its disguise it is a completely different entity than the Bride of Christ, a dead carcass compared to the body of people that God has reserved for himself. If so, you may also be awakening to another dimension and key feature of the truth which sets free: the Real Deal. If you have read God & Mammon then you will know what that is by now.

Perhaps you are one of those people who own one of the ridiculous mansions that I have driven past. You know who you are. I have seen your outsized homes, your second and third "getaways" in Florida and Hawaii, your selfish "empty-nesters." I have seen the rolling orchards, farms and vineyards you work with dirt cheap labor, or tend by yourself , providing near worthless employment or no jobs at all for your "neighbors." I have seen the toys, the huge empty yacht moored beside the poor fisherman who struggles to repair a useful boat that feeds families.  I have perused the antique furniture in your houses and the valued pictures on your walls. I have seen the cars and collections in your garages.

But if you have read and understood the writings in this Website and checked them with the Word of God you now know that what you have in your hand is not treasure at all but red hot coals for the Day of Judgment. If you live in this manner here and now then I can tell you with certainty that there is no orchard or mansion waiting for you on the other side of the Great Day. You can gain the whole world but lose you soul, so why trade it for just a selfishly oversized house? However, if you read the Word carefully you will find that your so-called "assets" do have the immense potential to be transformed into real riches that never fade or rust, cannot be stolen, and bring you reward beyond measurement. (Matthew 6:19-21)

Is your heart being permitted to soften and change? Do you want to acquire and store real wealth for the End? Then walk in the Way as instructed by the Lord. Be advised, this will not buy you eternal life, for that cannot be earned by works, at least, not your deeds or efforts (if you do not understand this fully then read Amazing Grace or Raising The Dead). Only Christ has finished the course without sin, providing the perfect, unsoiled life and body of work that completely and assuredly gains entrance to heaven. Faith in him carries you with him and in him to the right place. But not if your faith is selfish and dead. If you only help those whom you like, or who believe the same as you, or to whom you are related, or who can pay you back, then you are way short of the mark, still feathering the selfish nest around you. (Luke 6:30-35) Anyone from a common thief to a corporate swindler acting "legally" can do that. If you are a well-wisher with good intentions, or you say you can do the Lord's bidding, but in truth you leave people destitute and do not act when you have the means, then you have the "faith which is dead." (James 2:14-17 describes this exact scenario, as does Luke 16:19-31)

In other words you cannot be saved by works but neither are you saved without them. That is a church delusion. That is not regeneration, no matter how many times you insist or sing to others that you are born again of God's Spirit. That kind of faith in your heart will be of no avail. If you are "keeping your life" for yourself then you possess the religion of the churchmen who slunk by on the other side of the road. They took evasive action where the Samaritan stopped to participate in "losing his life" according to the Way, transforming his earthly wealth into eternal treasure. But if you have indeed awakened and found saving faith in your heart, and fortitude to count and bear the cost of the Real Deal, then you are ready and empowered to proceed. You do not have to go far and wide to do the right thing. You do not have to build churches or support "missions" to indoctrinate the unsuspecting masses with Christianity. On the contrary, if you have woken up then you will know that is a sly and wicked substitute for the real thing.

I do not even enter the churches you have likely frequented, or design those so-called "houses of God," made with men's hands, which the Lord has rendered obsolete. I go to the places you may have avoided. I go in to inns where Jesus went to converse with the lost. Or coffee shops, anywhere people gather in neutral surroundings and encounter fellowship. Again and again I meet those who are losing their livelihoods or the roofs over their heads for varied circumstances. Husband disappeared. Spouse died. Breadwinner lost his or her job. The car they needed for work, to make ends meet, gave up mechanically and the cost was too much to repair. In the last few years alone I have seen many families lose their houses, all small homes, for such reasons. In most cases there were very young children involved. With help, it is quite easy to initiate a rescue of such a roof, or just the car which keeps a job secure. People snared in similar circumstances are all around us.

I am an architect, but I do not live in a mansion. I have nothing to do with creating those endless and soulless subdivisions or the repetitive little boxes that  the so called "habitat for humanity" builds in their non-communities or projects. And I am not selling you anything. I do not want your dollars for my own purposes. I do not engage in "charity." That term has been warped out of recognition by Christians. I do not support any giving which is made public, or "write-offs" for those who want the taxman to take notice. I do not engage in financial loans, not even "interest free," for that is still putting your neighbor in a position of debt, not loving him as the Lord specifically commands. (Luke 6:35; Romans 13:7,8) True giving does not evade tax, has no strings attached, and it must be extremely discreet otherwise it does not count when revealed at the End. (Matthew 6:1-4)

Are you interested but inexperienced or cannot see clearly how to do this? Then I may be in a position to help you transform your wealth with the alchemy of God's Way. I am talking about saving existing homes, in real towns, for a small fraction of the cost of building anew, where people might never get back into a house again. I am talking about saving livelihoods in real communities. Or simply making life for a family on an impossibly tight budget so much easier, by adding something basic like a proper indoor and private plumbing arrangement. Sometimes it requires so little, sometimes you have to dig deep.

If you are awakened and moved to "go and do likewise," to "freely give as you have received," then I can put you together with people in immediate need or dire straits, directly or anonymously, depending on your (and their) preference. Don't divest yourself of your responsibility by giving to some remote "charity." Be like the Samaritan. Tackle it with your own hands, and may God give the eyes to see the opportunity when it arises.

And if you think you are ready to act but still reticent because you need to discuss the matter further then please, use the Contact link in this site. I'll do my best to advise you.

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