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The Creation to the Flood

and approximate age of the Earth.

If you have problems with this because of the totally unscientific yet worldwide dogma called evolution you should read God & Evil also dowloadable as a document.

Name       Total age                Age at first son       Name of first son

Adam           800                       130                          Seth            Genesis 5:1-32

Seth              870                      105                          Enosh

Enosh           905                         90                         Quenan

Quenan         910                        70                          Mahalalel

Mahalalel      895                        65                          Jared             second oldest man

Jared            962                      162                          Enoch

Enoch           365 taken early     65                          Methusaleh   world's oldest man

Methuselah   969                      187                          Lamech

Lamech        777                      182                          Noah            third oldest man

Noah            950                      500                         Shem

Creation to Noah’s birth 1056 by adding the above except for Noah’s 500 years

Noah exits the Ark at 600 years old, Shem 100 years old. (Genesis 6:28,29; 11:10)

Creation to Flood 1656 years

Assume the years from Noah>Ham>Cush>Nimrod to be approximately 200 years. Ham’s line is not specified in years, only that of Shem, so allow the equivalent in that brother's family line: Shem>Arphaxad>Eber>Peleg = 201 years. (Genesis 11)

Creation to Nimrod 1656 + approximately 200  = approximately 1856 years

Approximate date of Uruk 3200 to 3000 BC (city founded by Nimrod, Genesis 10:10)

Creation to Christ between 5056 and 4856 years (maximum 1856+3200=5056, minimum 1856+3000=4856)

Present date approximately 2000 (calendars for Christ’s birth vary by as much as a decade)

Approximate age of the Earth between 7011 and 6856 years