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Section 10. ARABIA

The Crescent Moon ~ Sons of Ishmael ~ The Dark Lord's Recital ~ The Spreading Cloud ~ Appeasing the Devil ~ Acknowledgements.


The Crescent Moon

If it were not for the last religion to appear under the symbol of the crescent moon, Arabia would be a footnote in history, merely replicating the Sumerian gods and goddesses to suit local tastes. But instead it has produced a "faith" as fanatical as Japan’s blend of Shinto and Zen, complete with suicide bombers, and it poses an even greater threat to world peace. It will almost certainly end the same way, with nuclear weapons. This may be a limited pre-emptive strike, long before the End of all things, but it may also be part of the global fire and brimstone predicted in the Word of God. The Middle Eastern nations are certainly the loose cannons most likely to press the button when they have the means, and this is the powder keg where it will likely start.

ar_map_arabia_middle_east.gif (14043 bytes)

Fig.10a. Map of Arabia between Africa and the Near East.

In ancient times, Arabia simply shared the gods of Mesopotamia, being so very close to Babylon, except that the genders and symbols of these deities were later swapped around. For instance, the sun god Shamash became the sun goddess Shams, and in southern Arabia Ishtar became a male storm god like Enlil or Bel (Cush deified) called Athtar. "The name of the Venus god ‘Athtar’ corresponds to that of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar…As head of the South Arabian pantheon…Athtar was a god of the thunderstorm, dispensing natural irrigation in the form of rain." Cush’s son Nimrod was called Anbay, the Arabian version of the language-writing-arts-science deity, a clone similar to Thoth (Egypt), Hermes (Greece) and Mercury (Rome). "The name of Anbay is related to that of the Babylonian Nabu-Mercury, the god of fate and science and the spokesman of the gods…The South Arabian deities are usually evoked by a symbol, as, for instance, a bull’s head, snake, or thunderbolt." (Encyclopedia Britannica, Ancient Middle Eastern Religions, Pre-Islamic Deities, Std.Ver.1999)

In the southern kingdom of Sheba (Saba) we find that Nimrod-Dumuzi was called Almaqah (Al-Makkah, identifying him with his counterpart in Mecca), a god identified with the moon and whose symbols were a bull’s head and a vine. Across all of Arabia the most widely known version of the female deity was Allat, the wife and/or daughter of the moon god Allah, echoing the incestuous relationship of the source gods in Babel. She was sometimes depicted with two other female consorts, forming a triad, all three being versions of the original consorts of Nimrod-Dumuzi. "Al-Ilat or Allat (‘the Goddess’), was known to all pantheons. She is a daughter or a consort, depending on the region, of al-Lah or Allah (‘the God’), Lord of the Kabah in Mecca…Al-Ilat formed a trio with the goddesses al-Uzza (‘the Powerful’) and Manat (or Manawat, ‘Destiny’)…al-Uzza was assimilated to Venus and Aphrodite and was the consort of Kutba or al-Aktab (‘the Scribe’, Mercury)." (Encyclopedia Britannica, Ancient Middle Eastern Religions, Pre-Islamic Deities, Std.Ver.1999) Allah was sometimes considered the father of all three goddesses, sometimes of only one of them, and he too was portrayed as the crescent moon (the horns of Dumuzi) cupping around either three stars or just one, Venus (Ishtar).


ar_crescent_moon_dumuzi_ishtar_allah.gif (17980 bytes) 1. ar_kaba_mecca_arabia.gif (37691 bytes) 2. ar_black_stone_kaba_mecca.gif (26405 bytes) 3.

Fig.10b. 1. Images of the Crescent Moon and star(s), Dumuzi and Ishtar(s), represented in Arabia by Allah and his consort(s), and the horned and serpentine name of Allah in Arabic. 2. The Kaba, encircled by worshippers. 3. The black stone to be kissed in the Kaba, suggestively mounted and draped with a labial curtain.

Mecca was home to 360 deities of the Arabian pantheon and Allah was just one of them. He was worshipped at the Kaba (also Kaaba or Kabah, "cube") for at least a thousand years before he was raised to prominence in the 7th century AD to be the sole god of the religion of the Arabs. Pilgrims to the Kaba circumambulated in the same way that Hindus and Buddhists performed this ancient solar ritual around the "holy ground" of temples or stupas, circling the site in the symbolic zero, in this case seven times before kissing a black stone (which some consider to be a meteorite). Part of the superstition attached to the dark rock was that it was originally believed to be white, but had turned black over time from absorbing the sins of devotees. The real reason it is black, and always has been, is obvious. It is part and parcel of the entire source religion fabricated around the black family of Ham, Cush and Nimrod in Sumeria. Even today the Kaba is draped in a huge black curtain, a fitting abode for the dark Lord of the Air. But the man who put the crescent moon god Allah in the central spotlight, and made the pilgrimage to the black stone obligatory, was not a descendant of Cush. He was descended from Ishmael, and he even claimed in his book, the Koran, that Abraham and Ishmael founded this idolatrous shrine. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Kaaba, Std.Ver.1999) The Kaba has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, and there is no evidence of Abraham venturing this far south. Of all people, Abraham would have had absolutely nothing to do with such a pagan site. But Ishmael certainly might have been involved in its formation.

Sons of Ishmael

Ishmael was the vicarious son of Abraham, the substitute for the real son he was destined to receive. God had already promised the childless Abraham, during his journey from the Sumerian city of Ur to the Promised Land, and several times afterwards, that his descendants would be numerous and blessed. (Genesis 12:1-2; 13:16; 15:1-6, 17:2) The LORD, on his way to incinerate the people of Sodom (who almost certainly worshipped Ishtar-Allat and Dumuzi-Allah), again confirmed the promise of a son to Abraham and his wife Sarah. But Sarah laughed in disbelief, because of her old age. (Genesis 18:10-15) She had always had this weakness, not believing that she would conceive. She had even drawn the normally steadfast Abraham, who should have known better, into her faithlessness, urging him to have a surrogate son, one with her servant, Hagar, taking her place. (Genesis 16) This was an act not unlike Eve’s suggestion to Adam, that a substitute, another way instead of the one decreed by God, was good and desirable. In fact it carried consequences almost as deadly for the world as the Fall. The surrogate or proxy son was born, and his name was Ishmael. Abraham was later given the almost miraculous child he was promised with his aging wife, Sarah, the son for whom he should have waited, called Isaac. From Isaac, and then Isaac’s son Jacob (Israel), came the twelve tribes of Israel. From Ishmael came the Arabs.

Ishmael’s descendants were to be great in number but not great in spirit or truth. Here is the God-ordained genetic trait of Ishmael delivered to Hagar. "I will so greatly multiply your descendants that they cannot be numbered for multitude…Behold you are with child, and shall call his name Ishmael…He shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand against every man and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell over against his kinsmen." (Genesis 16:12) The ominous character of the Ishmaelites was, from the very beginning, almost as bad as that of Ham through his sons Cush, Libya, Egypt and Canaan (previously cursed by Noah). Arabs are very often perversely proud to point out this war-hungry and violent nature inherited from their forefather, Ishmael. If they are not fighting each other, then they fight someone else. Today they fight over oil wells, before that it was over water wells.

Into this feudal atmosphere of warring tribes, each with their own versions of the gods of Babel, came the man called Muhammad (570-632 AD). At this time, there were monotheistic Jews living in Arabia who had been dispersed from Israel ever since the Roman Emperor Titus had destroyed Jerusalem in 40 AD, an event prophesied by Jesus. There were also Christian sects in Arabia and North Africa that had blended the LORD with the local deities to create a god portrayed with three heads, and who subjected their women to extremely inferior status, forcing them to wear veils. But these spiritual goats did possess portions of the real Word of God (as they do today). To Muhammad, both Jews and Christians were thus "People of a Book," something he obviously coveted. Before Muhammad’s ascent to power, the population of Medina was almost half Jewish. We also know that in his feudal rise to the top, Muhammad made a temporary alliance with the Ethiopian Christians, employing an age-old Arab strategy: "my enemy’s enemy is my friend…for now."

Thus we know that Muhammad  was conversant with Jewish and Christian beliefs; as a caravan trader he was also very familiar with the many ethnic gods, and he was clearly interested in making a name for himself in religion. He knew the moon god Allah and the shrine at the Kaba, but in his early life he did not seem to regard either as important. Following the lead of the Jews and Christians, who were both caught up in the prevailing superstitious beliefs in "holy ground" or "holy land," he taught his early disciples to pray in the direction of Jerusalem. But when the Jews, who knew of his real reputation, rejected him as a false prophet, he changed face dramatically. He slaughtered and exiled entire Jewish clans and instructed his followers to pray to Mecca instead, and to the substitute god he chose to be his sole deity, Allah of the Kaba. He also needed a Book of his own, one to replace the Scriptures and to revise the identity of his forefather, to make Ishmael the son of promise instead of Isaac. This was accomplished with the Koran. This entire religion is one of substitution, and it is called Islam (submission to the will of Allah).

All this information can be verified extensively in any encyclopedia and on countless Internet sites. Muslim scholars have made endless excuses for this man, but the facts remain that Muhammad was a liar, thief, slaver and murderer. What is appalling is that a creature like this got away with creating a religion at all, calling himself a prophet of peace, and his god a compassionate one. In reality, Muhammad had no qualms about robbing others, even beheading the men and selling their women and children into slavery. He got his start in life by marrying his wealthy employer, Khadija, a woman nearly twice his age. After that he had numerous wives. The youngest of his 23 female consorts, Aishah, was only 9 years old when he consummated his marriage to her, considered pedophilia even in the ancient world. Some Muslim scholars have claimed that he merely did this to "look after" her. For that he could have adopted her; but he married her, when he had plenty of other spouses and concubines of appropriate age with whom he could have sexual relations.

While Muslim scholars try desperately to explain the immorality of their founder, many Islamic leaders have been happy to emulate the same greed for the possessions of others (called "dividing the spoils" in the Koran) and a similar lust for very young virgins. Muhammad’s religion also promises multiple sexual favors in the afterlife with heavenly houris (the origin of whores), who like the many female deities of Arabia and Sumeria had a double identity in virginity as well as promiscuity. This is particularly proffered as the reward for "martyrs" in the jihad or "holy war" of Islam. Today this plays a vital part in fueling the perverse dreams of every suicide bomber. This is not a joke or careless mud slinging. This is the deadly truth, which their victims learn the hard way. For indoctrinated Muslims who die in the jihad there is the promise of "clear eyed virgins" and "fresh young boys" in paradise. This prospect made one famous Islamic writer so excited he wrote a poem entitled The Joy of Sodomy. (You can look it up yourself; there are some texts too filthy for this author to reference)

As Christians had already discovered, creating celibate monks and shutting nuns away in cloisters or hiding them behind veils did not lead to sexual purity; it created all kinds of deviant behaviour, and it is still coming out of the woodwork today. Islam inherited this with a vengeance in harems (for the rich), eunuchs and young boy fetishes. Women were suppressed, veiled and their private parts mutilated in forced circumcision. All this was bound to create a very bent sexuality, and it is no mistake that the black stone Muslims kiss in the Kaba  is mounted in a sculpture the shape of a woman’s genitals. Arab fixation with under-aged girls is particularly notable, as this author has observed in several Islamic countries, old men divorcing their wives and putting them on the street without property or any other rights (merely by saying, “I divorce thee in the name of Allah ” three times in public) and then taking a girl barely in her teens. Many Arab oil sheiks and emirs are notorious for their particular fondness for extremely young girls (virgins preferred), following in the footsteps of “The Prophet, peace be upon him.” They cannot even say his name without blessing him, calling him “The Infinite Light.” This is an incredible development, and it is critical to understand just how Muhammad  tailored this religion to the genetic character of the Ishmaelite  nations.

The Dark Lord’s Recital

It is obvious that Muhammad adapted the circumambulation of the Kaba and selected the Arabian moon god Allah, in the same way that Christians of Europe and North Africa were blending their religion with the ancient gods already there and replacing the female deities with Mary. Muhammad was quite right to criticize Christians for their idolatrous blend, but Muhammad did exactly the same thing with Allah, and then he went way further. He literally rewrote the book. He had to, in order to overcome his rejection and survive exposure from the existing Scriptures that plainly showed him up as a counterfeit. He needed a new revelation, one that rehashed a "gospel" in his favour. This has been a tactic used countless times, from the Bhagavadgita to the Book of Mormon. But Muhammad’s production was remarkable and created the greatest Judeo-Christian offshoot in history. The three earliest complete Korans are in Tashkent, the Topkapi Museum (Turkey) and the oldest one in the British Museum, dating around 800 AD. No original texts exist, and other fragments date from 100 to 200 years after his death, but most scholars believe Muhammad was the original author, at least the human participant in its creation.

The Koran  (also Quran, “Recital”) that he claimed to “receive” is no ordinary work of man; it comes from the dark lord behind the crescent moon  god. Muhammad  claimed it was revealed to him by the angel Gabriel who demanded he write it down on pain of strangulation (in itself a ludicrous change in the character of the Gabriel of Scripture). In fact, the Koran is a mixed rehash of Biblical themes and names, torn completely out of historical context 600 years after Christ by a caravan trader whom some say was illiterate. But no matter how it was conceived, it perfectly suited Muhammad’s aims to create a god in his own image and to his own liking. His description of Allah  echoes the concepts of the Hindu Upanishads, Buddhist Nirvana  and Chinese Tao: namely that Allah cannot be described, that whatever one can name (flame, wind, spirit) cannot be Allah.

The Koran has no logical chronology or sequence. At the time of its fabrication it might have been laughable to think that such literature would have the effect it did, except that it came from another power, one who had played this game across the world and who knew exactly what he was doing. This book most eloquently curses any who say that Jesus is the Son of God, and this is one of the apostle John’s precise identifications of the “spirit of antichrist.” John, an eyewitness of Jesus, also recorded Christ’s words to the woman at the well (who was snared in the same old concept of holy ground and house-of-god worship) that “God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:19-26) Muhammad hardly did a single thing in truth, and his spirit was something very ungodly from the underworld. A mere caravan raider could not invent such a poetic and trance-like work that could hold whole nations (now well over a billion people) in dark suppression for 1,400 years and today threatens world peace.

This “revelation,” endlessly recited in mosques and public streets, justifies the taking of “spoils” from non-Muslims (holy stealing) and death in the name of “merciful” Allah . Armed with this lucrative and militant faith (no god except Allah and Muhammad  his prophet) Muslims expanded an empire from India to southern Europe, raging across North Africa like a dust storm, “converting” at sword-point and plundering non-conformists. Make no mistake about this. The Koran, a brainwashing mantra that Muslims have blared at them from loudspeakers every Friday, pronounces this against dissenters: “Kill them until there are no more disbelievers. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out.” Many English versions of the Koran hide this deadly intent from the unsuspecting reader by inserting “do not befriend,” but the word “kill” is what all Muslims, not just terrorists, hear regularly. This is nothing like the teachings of Christ, whom Muhammad claimed was merely a prophet in the line leading from Noah  and Moses up to the ultimate messenger, namely himself.

If Muhammad had really regarded Jesus as a prophet he would have heeded his words. But he had no time for them. What Muhammad founded was completely different from the golden rule of Christ (do unto others as you would have them do to you). Bear in mind that we are comparing Muhammad with Jesus, not with goats called Christians. Christians shared the same Muslim superstition of a "holy land" which they used as an excuse to launch property-grabbing crusades. The fourth crusade did not even get to Jerusalem; the Christians merely took a left turn and plundered Constantinople, butchering the inhabitants and stealing the "sacred relics" for their churches. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Istanbul: History, Std.Ver.1999) Christians are as soaked as Muslims in covetousness and blood, and in their actions they reveal themselves as counterfeit disciples. But when true and faithful Muslims go on a rampage, they are not being false; they are indeed following Muhammad’s example and dictates.

In reality, there is no such thing as "moderate" Islam. If it is moderate, it is not true Islam, not the way of their prophet and founder, not according to the Koran. The terrorists and people dancing in the streets and shooting guns into the air know this well. So do the scribes who incite them, who are totally in love with this message, even washing the chalk-written verses of the Koran into a slurry that they then drink to absorb the sacred word of God, a sacrament almost as wicked as the abomination practised by Christians. What the Koran and Islam have done is bring the terrible and tyrannical moon god of Mesopotamia into the modern world with a vengeance. This is not some fascinating archaeological or intellectual news item about a man called Nimrod being deified as Dumuzi, Nanna, Bacchus or Allah in cultures long ago. This brings the horned one, who is pulling the strings behind the scenes, to your very doorstep. What began with the counterfeit son Ninus will end in the thunderclouds of Ninurta, and it will not be water that is raining down.

The Spreading Cloud

The crescent moon  and star(s), Allah  and his consort(s), the symbol used on countless graphics, mosques and state flags of Islamic nations, is casting a giant shadow and seething like a gathering monsoon. In the Dark Middle Ages, people living in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and right across the whole of North Africa knew this approaching darkness. They were there when the hordes of Muhammad  came out of the desert like ravenous locusts. Because those nations had chosen to play the harlot with God’s name (in embracing Christianity: all those places had fallen prey to the legacy of the Church Fathers like Augustine, Ignatius and Jerome) the LORD sent them an even worse scourge. Before Christ, people who soiled God’s name fell prey the Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians and Hittites. That lash became Muslims. Persians, who chose the superstition of Zoroaster, received a double dose of darkness with Islam’s arrival, and the Iranians never recovered from it.

Islam is clearly a penalty that men must endure for their general unbelief, be they Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. The terror of Bin Laden is nothing new. From Asia Minor, Suleyman  I (reigned 1520 to 1566 AD) invaded as far west into Europe as Hungary and Austria, and as far east as Persia. (Encyclopedia Britannica, Suleyman I, Std.Ver.1999) His attacks on unarmed civilians and the use of civilians as pawns and shields in siege techniques are copied by Islamic “warriors” to this day. In Northeast Africa, the Mahdi  of Sudan  (Muhammad  Ahmad, 1844-1885 AD) arose with designs to assault the whole world. Like the “Prophet” of the Koran, he initially suffered rejection, an experience that no doubt contributed to his spiteful bloodthirstiness, as it had to Muhammad’s brutality. Like most wannabees, he also claimed to be the “apostolic successor” of Muhammad, another tradition copied from Christians and their bishops. Sudan was once the kingdom of Kush with all the usual Mesopotamian baggage, a land that, like Ethiopia, had already fallen prey to Christianity before being subjected to the stranglehold of Islam. The Mahdi planned to enforce even stricter and more “traditional” Muslim law to the letter. He is now remembered mostly for the siege of Khartoum and death of General Gordon in 1885. But he killed even his own people who would not accept his message, and threatened to do this all the way to China if that Emperor did not also bow to Allah  and accept his messenger as the “Expected One” and “Right One.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, al-Mahdi, Std.Ver.1999) This game plan is not going away, not until the final curtain of fire.

Africans in particular, and many North American blacks, have been snared by Islam’s expansion, foolishly thinking that Jesus is a "white man’s god" and throwing out Christianity (a good move) only to receive a much worse form of spiritual slavery, even further away from the truth which sets free. The strategy of Islam is every bit as inspired and fueled by the dark lord as the Papal dogma that demands all men to submit to the Mother Church; and it is just as ruthless, requiring death for the heretic who fails to conform. The Roman Church has shrunk back from this abyss, but Muslims cannot. Catholics try to sweep under the carpet and conveniently forget the Popes who infallibly decreed death for "heretics" because it so clearly reveals their counterfeit nature compared to Christ. Muslims cannot do this because it is their very founder speaking. They cannot erase the Koran.

What they would rather do is erase the Word of God, and a cornerstone in this plan is the total erasure of Isaac’s son, Jacob (Israel) in favour of the substitute, Ishmael. This would cover up Ishmael’s true identity of warmonger and rewrite history to make him the child of God’s promises. To do this, Muhammad needed another god for whom he could be the messenger, and thus he taught his followers, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet." But Jews already knew and possessed the Scriptures (whether they truly believed them or not) that are thousands of years older, "Here O Israel the LORD (YHWH) is One, and you shall have no other God but him." This is a core truth that reveals the lies of Muhammad, embodied in a tiny nation that lives surrounded by Muslims aching to push it into the sea and into silence. This is the reason why there can never be peace in the Middle East. Ever since the Jews of Medina exposed and rejected Muhammad, and paid the price, every Islamic nation has vowed the eradication of Israel. This is even found written into their state statutes today, constitutions of countries with ambassadors sitting at the "United" Nations right now. And this hatred, focussed on Israel, will draw in the whole world. This confrontation has been coming for centuries. It is not simply a Middle East "holy land" dispute, or about the historically recent discovery of oil, or merely a reaction to the evil of some US overseas policies and interference, or the predatory and crushing trade tactics of US corporations, hungry for globalization. That all fuels the fire, to be sure, but this is essentially a religious war, Islam against all others. And the cloud is growing.

Another potential trigger for an explosion lies with Sikhism, "an Indian religion combining Islamic and Hindu elements, founded in the Punjab in the late 15th century AD by [Guru] Nanak." (Encyclopedia Britannica, Sikhism, Std.Ver.1999) This sect comes from a blend of Islam’s monotheism and Hinduism’s warrior caste. Sikhs all carry the name Singh ("Lion") or Kaur ("Lioness") from the ancient Sumerian-Hindu religion of Ishtar-Kali, goddess of war whose symbol was a lion. Sikhs keep a mix of festivals, have their own scriptures (Granth), their own founder (Nanak, died 1539), believe in a single genderless god (Waheguru or Gur-Manter, master teacher) and also in reincarnation, that enough good lives and the endless repetition of God’s name (naam japna) will eventually lead to escape from rebirth.

Sikhs are organized in militias (misls), which at first built forts in the Punjab but now construct fortress-temples wherever they are in the world, structures clearly designed for armed response and exchange. In the separation of Pakistan from India (1947) the Punjabi homeland ended up in northeastern India on the border with Pakistan. Out of favour with both Hindus (on account of their desire for independence, some extreme terror tactics and the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984) and Muslims (because they do not bow to Islam) this nation sits sandwiched between the two nuclear powers of the Near East that are also hostile to each other. It is possible that this could be where some of the thunderbolts hit the earth.

Appeasing the Devil

Islamic law endorses cruel repression of minorities, gross inferiority for women, death bans on marrying non-Muslims, death for renouncing Islam, death for criticizing the “prophet” and bans on the free speech, assembly and buildings of other faiths. But their mosques are freely built elsewhere. This is no cultural exchange; it is a one-way infiltration that has put the world’s security in jeopardy. Islam has no place in a world of basic democratic freedoms yet it is represented by many seats at the “United Nations.” And other governments sit there in “politically correct” conciliation, everyone from emissaries to prime ministers practising the art of diplomacy, too timid to say it like it is, too concerned for their pension or re-election, too afraid to rock the boat even when the storm that will envelop them all is looming on the horizon. This especially applies to America, the nation that will have to lead the response to this threat head on. It is bad enough that the White House always decorates the tree of Osiris  and Saturn within its walls, but for the president’s wife to host a celebration for the end of the Muslim fasting of Ramadan (Hillary Clinton, 1996), which now continues as a tradition, is an ominous development.

This has a parallel in the perverse appeasement being made in the religious arena of the worldwide ecumenical movement. Some higher Anglican circles in Britain have already added Muhammad to their official list of “Saints.” Buddha (a self proclaimed agnostic, if he ever existed) is also included. They have not yet added the other mythical figures like Krishna, but that will come. After all, the Roman Church gave sainthood to countless pagan goddesses like St. Anne and St. Brigid long ago, these “divines” having all the attributes of the original Celtic myths. Rome also beatified Buddha some time ago as “Saint. Josaphat,” a Latin version of the Bodhissat, with a life story identical to Gautama Buddha. This blend and acceptance of everything, as in the United Nations, is a startling picture of churches and states, imams and ambassadors, cardinals and kings, all in bed with the great harlot of Babylon, a system that cries peace when there is no peace, when the horns of the beast are coming up through the very floor.

Behind the Islamic representatives at the world table there are entire regimes of intolerant oppression, leaders who think nothing of financing terror, spilling their own people’s blood (e.g. Iraq vs. Iran 1980-88) and sending children younger than teenagers to war, urged on by countless clerics. Pakistan alone (population 140 million and considered "moderate") has thousands of jihad training schools for boys, and they make the Hitler youth look tame. This is a world religion founded and spread in violence, and still expanding rapidly. The 9/11 tragedy of the World Trade Center cost 3,000 lives. In that same year 50,000 Indians died in Muslim terrorist attacks and went largely unnoticed. It is not just in Israeli nightclubs where they are blowing people up; it is happening as far away as the Philippines and Bali, and this will continue relentlessly all over the globe.

World powers have not yet truly awakened to what they are up against, a religion with terror that is truly fundamental and radical (literally “in its very roots”). To appease this devil in the hope that he goes away is not just shortsightedness; it is blindness. There is of course a slim possibility that common sense and reason will discredit Muhammad and the Koran, for all time, in world opinion and at the United Nations, which is where “human rights” were fashioned. But this is highly unlikely. It took two atom bombs to literally blast the Japanese out of their religious fervor, and even though they were not born with the genetic character of Ishmael, they still deny why it happened to them and omit it from their libraries and school textbooks.

The Third Reich (Christian, mainly Catholic) and its dream of a superior race and the eradication of the Jews required concerted world action and cost millions of lives to stop its advance. The fanatical militancy of Japan (Shinto-Zen Buddhist) with its faith in its superior way, its indestructible nation and divine leader, for whom pilots flew suicide missions, forced the use of the ultimate weapon to bring that spreading empire to a halt. But back then, only one country had that weapon. The problem this time is that it will be in the hands of many nations. And amongst them will be the people equally convinced of their own indestructible religion, ready to go straight to heaven for using a nuclear missile in the name of the Allah the compassionate and his Prophet, peace be upon him. At present, the Indus  (Pakistan) is the only Muslim country armed with atomic weapons. Persia (Iran) is not far behind. But if the sons of Ishmael  (Arabs) acquire them…then expect to see the moon go dark with the horns of Dumuzi  and the thundercloud of Ninurta  to appear in the sky.

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