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Goat figurine from Susa, the capital of Elam, Mesopotamia, c.2900 BC. The religious traditions of the Elamites, Akkadians and Sumerians were exported in detail to the  nearby Canaanite culture, where tombs dedicated to the "Lord of the Goats" have been found in the cities of Ugarit and Ebla, c.1750 BC.

Canaanites worshipped the wrong "lord" (baal simply meant lord) in the same way that Christians do today, using a name that sounded right but in fact clinging to a god very different from the LORD found in Scripture. The association of goats with the dark and popular myths was undoubtedly the reason why Jesus used the metaphorical imagery of goats to describe the wrong  "flock" - that vast majority snared in religious tradition and unbelief, doomed to perish.

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"It is not until the close of the fourth century that the modern Christmas, the birth of Jesus... emerges among the orthodox festivals...First in Rome, and soon in Antioch and the nearer East, this new festival was kept on Dec. 25th." (The Key Of Truth, F.C. Conybeare, Clarendon Press, Oxford University 1898, Preface page vii)

“Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.” (Henry Rosovsky, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University)



Origins and Destinies "I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning." (Jesus, Luke 10:18)

"And he received the gold from their hand, and he fashioned it with an engraving tool, and made a molded calf. Then they said, 'This is your God, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!' So when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it. And Aaron made a proclamation and said, 'Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD.'" (Exodus 32:4,5)

"See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they (the doomed fools who partook in pagan revelry at the foot of Mount Sinai) did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven...For our God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 12:25,29)

"Therefore come out from among them (those snared in faithless darkness and the heathen ways of the world) and be separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing." (2 Corinthians 6:17; Isaiah 52:11) "And profane My name no more with your gifts and your false gods." (Ezekiel 20:39)

snake06.gif (14647 bytes) The Festival Of Goats

Satan's biggest party, the one the whole world celebrates, and why they must keep it.

Perhaps the most astonishing phenomenon in the world today is the frenzy over Satan's major festival by religious people, pagans, agnostics and even diehard atheists. Many will run seriously into debt for it, and merchants around the planet will work overtime to dish out the guilt and obligation associated with this feast of required consumption. Most astounding of all is that Christians are the most avid at keeping and justifying it, no matter what, and doing it in the name of Christ! They will give you no end of excuses as to why it is okay, claiming that it will bring them no harm, teaching it to their children and to their neighbors.

Even Christian "critics" will tell you, well at least "Christ is preached" at these events, and we have no reason to be "superstitious" or "afraid" of such pagan things inside our realm. That is the reasoning of the dead spirit. Christ being preached in unusual circumstances has nothing to do with deliberately condoning pagan customs or excusing others who do the same, something that no apostle of the LORD ever confused. Imagine being caught partaking in this heathen trash by the LORD of glory when He comes like a bolt of lightning!

The Scriptures repeat that the fear or the LORD is just the beginning of becoming truly wise and enlightened (Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 1:7; 9:10) yet Christians are all too unafraid and unwise, having a false notion of an always and all forgiving God. Foolish and ready to so recklessly risk their souls, and those of any who would listen to them, they ignore the Scriptures and embrace the practices of the world, all in Jesus’ name of course. The penalty for mixing the LORD’s name with these pagan traditions is always death, throughout Scripture. The people in the Bible who were executed by the LORD for this sly reasoning can be found in detail in The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 13, Church Festivals.

It is those who pretend to believe in the LORD but cannot even so much as give up a beloved pagan tree who are snared and steeped in rank superstition. Do not underestimate the dark powers behind these cleverly devised myths. And Churchdom, in all its forms (Roman, Greek, Russian, Coptic, Protestant, you name it) is collectively the greatest repository of such myths (both its own and those borrowed and regurgitated from heathen sources) that has ever existed on the face of the earth. That is why the LORD's elect (the meaning of the Greek word "ekklesia" is defined in detail in the first 4 Chapters of The Truth Which Sets Free, including every single verse in which it is found in the New Testament) must be separate and free from the ways of this harlot, this grand mother of deceit and her offspring.

If this is a shock to you reader; if you have been taken in by the Christian delusion that the Jesus Christ was born in December; if you neither know the dark historical facts about Christmas nor the specific Scriptures which express God’s commands not to touch this unclean stuff; if you have never read of His dreadful wrath against those who fool around with such pagan traditions, then now is the time to read all about it in The Truth Which Sets Free and The Dark Powers That Bind.

One of the most common excuses that churchmen make is that they celebrate pagan festivities because they are "glad" that Jesus came. Again, to read the answer to that devious reasoning, see The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 13, Church Festivals. For this topic in brief, let us start by looking at an even more subtle statement that you will hear from some Christians, that one is saved “by faith,” not saved by “not keeping Christmas.” This is one of the most sly ways of rationalizing deliberate sin ever to come from the lips of churchmen.

Of course one is not saved by “not keeping Christmas” any more than one is saved by  “not stealing,” “not committing adultery” or “not worshipping idols.” One is saved by faith (in another Man's deeds, One who never sinned) not one's own works. But what kind of faith is this saving faith? Not the dead faith that desires to persist in sin and perpetually excuses it, but the living faith that strives to shun sin and does not continue to justify it. The true faith that saves does not justify stealing, idolatry, adultery or the keeping of the Feast of Goats. God does not save his elect to continue in idolatry or adultery any more than He redeems them to keep Satan’s annual festivals.

Make no mistake; that is exactly what this is. "Church fathers” and the cult called Christians took the pivotal December festivals of Mother Isis (the same Queen of Heaven for whom Israelites were slain in Jeremiah 44) and the “sons” of paganism, especially Osiris-Horus, Mithra and Saturn (the son of Cronos, literally “Horned One”) and proclaimed it was the birthday of the only begotten Son of God. Do not try to fool us that the LORD approves of this underhanded scheme, or that His elect should take part in it. Jesus is not "the reason for the season" and no child of God should ever be found trying to "keep Christ in Christmas." Christ-mass is a Church fabrication and belongs to the dark side disguised as light.

In Northern Europe, this winter festival of Yuletide was also called "The Feast of the Dead," full of devils and the spirit of the Norse god, Odin, their version of Baal. Although the Yuletide festival is of much more ancient origin from the Middle East and Mediterranean cultures, the word itself, as it appears in English, is derived from the Norse language. "Yule is now just another word for Christmas, but Yule comes from the Old Norse word jo'l, a pagan festival at the winter solstice that lasted for twelve days. Germanic and Scandinavian pagans celebrated it in late December or early January, and when they adopted Christianity they simply changed the nature of the festival, turning jo'l into Christmas." (Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins, Cresswell, 2009, Yule)

This is indeed a feast for dead goats. When the first "missionaries" began "converting the Germanic peoples to Christianity," they found it convenient to "allow the celebrations themselves to go on largely unchanged, versus trying to confront and suppress them." Pope Gregory I, himself one of those early messengers, advocated that "converting heathens is easier if they are allowed to retain the outward forms of their traditional pagan practices and traditions" and he justified this as permissible if it was done in God's name and to His glory. (Wikipedia online encyclopedia, Yuletide) This was nothing new. Christians have adhered to this religious strategy ever since they created and refined this counterfeit faith in the first few centuries AD.

Will the goats get away with it? Not a hope. There is nowhere in Scripture where such a ruse meets with anything but death. Look at the perfect example illustrated at Mount Sinai, where the Israelites made a golden calf of Apis in Yahweh’s name. Can you hear their voices, just like today’s churchmen? “ I’m saved. I’m an Israelite. I’ve been brought miraculously across the Red Sea. I can take a major pagan icon and celebrate it in the name of the LORD and survive.” Just so, the churchmen said to Jesus’ face, “We are children of Abraham.” Be assured, they really thought they were saved, and knew all the catch phrases of scripture! Yet Jesus told them plainly that they belonged to their father the Devil. (John 8:39-45) Just so, the pew-sitters who can talk so easily about faith and grace and being born again, yet cherish pagan traditions, are in for the Shock of shocks.

The Christian who says, “I am saved by faith, so I can keep Christmas,” displays exactly what Jesus described of the spiritually dead, “This people honors me with their mouth but their heart is far from me, teaching as truth the traditions of men. They worship in vain.” (Matthew 15:6-9) They are paying lip service only. Their faith is in their heads. It has not proceeded to the heart or produced an iota of obedience. The “faith” that cannot even reject a pagan festival is the faith of a churchman, not the faith from above, the gift of the Almighty Power. Can the elect tell such people that they are unbelievers? Absolutely. Jesus and John the Baptist made no bones about such dead trees and rotten fruit. Neither did Moses at Mount Sinai.

According to Exodus 32, three thousand goats (who continued to justify their pagan celebration) were executed at the foot of Mount Sinai, and all the people suffered from the repercussions thereafter. Indeed, for a similar offence, the Lord exterminated an entire family for continuing to treasure a few pagan souvenirs (Joshua 7), let alone for making a golden calf. Now, before you write off Moses as a killjoy, just think what he was bringing down to the Israelites, the condensed light from above, written on two plain tablets, of how to love the true God and your neighbor as yourself. But the goats wanted to blend the LORD with Apis, the Son of the trinity sacred to the Egyptians! Just so, Christians love to mix the Light of the world (who was not even born in winter) with other "lights" and with all the traditions of the counterfeit "sons of god" at their great December festival. Satan has been producing such counterfeit "sons" ever since he was cast out of heaven, ever since the world began, and substituting them for Christ. You can find out about all these false sons, fathers, mothers and trinities in The Dark Powers That Bind.

Did the goats at the foot of Mount Sinai realize their condemnation and destruction was imminent? Yes and no. This is also true of Christians. To use a strange and wonderful phrase from the apostle Peter’s letters, the doomed are “willingly ignorant.” They know and they don’t want to know. They know Christmas is pagan but they don't want to think about the deadly consequences. Will God destroy these Christians as he did those who thought they had enough “faith” in the LORD at Mount Sinai that they could blend Him with the Egyptian Apis? Absolutely. There are already countless millions in Hades, right now, tearing the robes and flesh off the pastors that encouraged the deception they so greedily swallowed themselves. There are millions more lined up in pew after pew like battery hens for the slaughter, all clucking in contented unison, and thousands of “pastors” ready to teach them the way, and hundreds of college “professors” ready to teach those pastors.

This behavior by Christians (neo-pagans, since they continue to revive and practice these customs) is a fitting place for the accusatory scripture to apply, “On account of you the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles.” (Romans 2:24) Even atheists, who correctly deride Christians for their pagan devotions at Christmas, will also improperly use this as an excuse to reject the LORD or treat Him with levity, and join in the foolish consumerism and revelry; and that ammunition has been given to them courtesy of Christians goats.

When Moses came down from Sinai he heard the tumult of paganism before he saw it, the music and the celebration of those who sang for an evil and deadly source in the name of the LORD. Want to listen to it today? Well it will be here again soon, in every street, mall and shop, those endless carols played incessantly like mind-numbing mantras while Christian and pagan alike “shop ‘til they drop” and decorate their Osiris trees with the golden sun balls of Adonis and silver stars of Venus. Christians in Muslim countries will even risk death to buy and sell Christmas trees, and others have accidentally burned their houses down with poor wiring to their lights. That is how great the urge (so foolishly mistaken for faith in Christ) can be to hold on to these pagan keepsakes at any price and fulfill all the obligations to the dark Lord (Baal) to whom this Feast actually belongs.

Yes, they find themselves obliged to do it. Peer pressure alone is enough to hold most people, who would rather please men than God anyway, but it is also the sinister force behind the scenes that compels the goats to conform to such rituals and observances. Let them try to stop and see what happens. They are bound and possessed by the dark lord's traditions. It should be so simple to throw off these chains, such a tiny act of obedience. But they cannot do it and have no intention of doing it. They are the wicked servants in the vineyard who try to usurp what belongs to the real Son and whisper to themselves, “we will not listen to this Landlord nor any messengers He sends to us.” What, then will the Master do to them when he returns? Jesus said they would be destroyed, and the churchmen realized that he was speaking about them. (Luke 20:9-19)

The overwhelming majority of goats are predestined to this fate, just as the members of another very small minority flock are ordained to escape, be set free and to inherit a kingdom prepared for them before the world was even made. (see: The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 14, Sheep & Goats) Goats cannot change their species; their names are not in the Book of Life from before the foundation of the world. They are made for destruction. (Proverbs 16:4; Romans 9:22; 1 Peter 2:8; 2 Peter 2:12; Jude 4) The best they can do is “imitate” sheep, especially in using right sounding phrases of Scripture. This cud they can chew forever but cannot truly digest; it does not proceed to the inward parts and produce real change. They transform all right, becoming religious, but all that proceeds from their mouths is justification for remaining in such sin and pagan nonsense.

These huge flocks, with their "hireling shepherds" (see: The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 8, Clergy & Saints) set on the easy way to the wide gate, cannot be prevented from their ill-fated “success.” They are the doomed multitude of whom Jesus spoke. They will receive the cup they desire, in full measure, to the very dregs. The role of the elect is not to stop them but to “come out and be separate” and not be caught in that horde when Judgment arrives. Only the Son of God can put an End to this, which He will most certainly do when he descends with a shout and slays with the breath of his coming, starting with the Christian at the top, the grand Antichrist or Vicar (Substitute) and then right on down through every aisle, row and pew.

The Christian who goes out to “plant churches” and teach these festivals and traditions has openly declared his “willing ignorance” of the many Scriptures which plainly declare that God has no interest in the houses made by men or their ministers or their neo-pagan festivals. Those assemblies are a dead substitute for true fellowship. They do not exhibit the correct fear of the Living God, which is the beginning of wisdom. The elect simply cannot afford to be found in that number when the Man With The Scars, whom the churchmen thought they had done away with, returns with His eternal recompense.

All the other neo-pagan feasts of the church apply in like manner, their sources equally dark and deadly. The iniquity of the main Festival of Goats is emphasized here because it has the strongest chains and is the most obligatory. Many can discard lesser pagan-fests but cannot bear to let go of the Big One. They believe their own delusion: “I am saved by my faith, despite my feeble inability and unwillingness to give up this satanic ritual, and because I celebrate it in God's name.” What twisted rubbish! What a dead commitment and ineffectual faith!

You do not need to be a killjoy to accept and obey this, if you are elect, reader. It does not mean that you should be dour. Quite the opposite. Your quiet delight should be worth more than all their noisy revelries that pass for joy. You can be exceedingly glad that Christ came, and so you should be. You are set free from the devil's obligations! Instead, you are obliged to Another, and His perfect Way. You can give gifts, you can give your everything, all year round, only do not do it at Satan's festivals.  Indeed, you are required to give your all, even pour out your very self for God and neighbor. (see: God & Mammon)

But no matter how well you may treat others, you will probably be criticized for not taking part in their heathen (Greek: ethnos, meaning ethnic) festivities, especially Christmas. You may even be called a "Scrooge" or "Grinch" or something else from the fairy tales that goats have invented and love to repeat incessantly at their precious Yuletide. They will insist that you accept their traditions. Consider this ditty, for instance, inane yet sinister beneath, because of the truths it so craftily twists:

He's making a list 
And checking it twice 
Gonna find out
Who's naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town 
He sees you when you're sleeping 
He knows when you're awake 
He knows if you've been bad or good 
So be good for goodness sake
Santa Claus is coming to town 

That is a favorite song for the grand Baal of children, all-seeing and all-knowing, weighing up their good and bad deeds, coming down from above with presents for all, aptly dressed in that harlot scarlet so beloved by Christians. Try telling brain-washed kids today, especially if you are a school teacher, that Santa Claus does not exist, that he is just another pagan counterfeit, and see their indignant reaction. That is the power of such fables in the minds of the young, a "Father Christmas" (Father of Christ-Mass), a fraud, a lie, just one more subtle substitute for the real Father of Light Who does indeed see all and Who is most certainly not preparing rewards for everyone, only for a small and faithful minority.

Jesus Christ never put such poppycock in the heads of children, and his warnings to those who would lead little ones astray with false teaching and tradition are very dire. Is it any wonder that God's elect should have nothing to do with such rubbish? You may be told that you are "making a big deal" about not joining in. On the contrary, you make no deal at all. They are the ones making a big fuss, about keeping pagan rites. The answers are simple, reader, and you will find more of them in The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 13, Church Festivals.