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Origins and Destinies "Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone that will make men stumble, a rock that will make them fall; and he who believes in him will not be put to shame." (Paul quoting the prophet Isaiah, Romans 9:33)

"...a foundation, a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone...and hail will sweep away the refuge of lies and waters overwhelm their shelter." (Isaiah 28:16:17)

"I am laying in Zion a cornerstone, elect and precious…a stone that will make men stumble, a rock that will make them fall...." (1 Peter 2:7-8)

"Blessed is he who takes no offence at me." (Jesus, Matthew 11:6)

The Rock of Offence

Stumbling block for Christians

Did you know that Jesus, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world,  is portrayed as an "offence" in Scripture, and his message is described as a "stench?" (2 Corinthians 2:16) No? You are hardly alone. Bible colleges pour out feeble pastors who will affront no one, keep and respect every pagan and multicultural tradition, join hands in ecumenical bliss, until they find themselves and their flock in the wrong place. Then all hell will literally break loose, and it will be extremely offensive. How will they ever forgive themselves or those who led them all to that destiny? They won’t. As Jesus said, it would be more tolerable to be in Sodom or Gomorrah because they at least would have listened to him. (Luke 10:11-13)

When Jonah was directed to deliver his message to Nineveh, he fled by sea in the opposite direction until God turned him around most violently and sent him again. Even the pagans, crying out to their gods in the sinking boat with Jonah, were terrified when they realized that he was the real thing, a servant of the Lord God Almighty. (Jonah 1:5,9,10) Churchmen have no intention of delivering this kind of message, nor do others have anything to fear from them. Christians, like the secular priests of psychiatry and counselors of political correctness, hate confrontation and unbending truth. "They hate him who reproves in the gate, and they abhor him who speaks the truth." (Amos 5:10) They have invented countless "gospels" to slide around and subtly shy away from the real Rock while still using Christ's name. Some of them even think the Rock is someone else, like Peter, the most unreliable and error-prone apostle in Scripture (not counting Judas). Did you know that even though they may read the Bible they cannot hear, see or believe unless permitted? Amazing! (John 3:27; Acts 11:18; 2 Timothy 2:25,26).

Christians and churchmen think they are connected to Jesus and the apostles, just as the Jews and priests once thought they were children of Abraham and linked to the prophets. (Matthew 3:7-10; John 8:39-47) Not so, according to the Word of God. They cannot and will not stand fast for the granite truths for which those real lights shone. They do not want to offend. Theirs is a world of compromise and accommodation.  Ask yourself this. Do you really want to spend eternity with them? Think hard about that. No? Want to find out what is wrong with their prevailing "gospels" so that you have the complete armor and ammunition to reject them and escape forever? Then read The Truth Which Sets Free.