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The name of "Muhammad" is popularly used in Islamic calligraphy, ceramics and metalwork. Writing became a subtle form of idolatry, the letters often depict creatures. The words of the Koran, if written in chalk, are sometimes washed off the slate and the slurry drunk by the scribe to imbibe the "sacred" word.


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The name Allah, formerly Al-ilah, the crescent moon god of the Arabian pantheon, written in its snake-like form. This deity originally came from Babylon. In ancient images, his consorts were usually one to three small stars. Al-ilah was very likely the most popular of the 360 idols of Mecca, where Muhammad was born. Al-ilah worshippers circled around the Kaba, a cubic building containing a sacred black stone. These ancient superstitions were adopted by Muhammad: the hadj pilgrimage to Mecca and the circular walk, seven times around the Kaba before kissing the meteorite housed inside. Muslims use the crescent moon symbol on countless graphics, mosques and state flags.

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Muhammad actually copied what most Christians in Europe North Africa and the Middle East were doing in his time, taking parts of the Scriptures and thoroughly mixing them with pagan traditions.


Origins and Destinies "He shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand against every man and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell over against his kinsmen." (Ishmael's character predicted in Genesis 16:12)

"I see heads before me that are ripe for plucking, and I am the one to pluck them, and I see blood glistening between the turbans and the beards." (A saying taught by rote to Iraqi schoolchildren)

Prophet of Terror

War and rumours of war

Nothing has changed. The Bin Laden of the nineteenth century, the "Mahdi" of Sudan, now remembered mostly for the siege of Khartoum and death of General Gordon in 1885, killed even his own people who would not accept him as the awaited messiah and threatened to do this all the way to China if that Emperor did not also bow to Allah, embrace Islam and accept the him as the "Expected One". Muhammad Ahmad (1844-1885) who mysteriously died a few months after Gordon, was just one of many (including Bab, the "Gate" to truth, first prophet of the Bahai religion) who claimed to be the "Mahdi" ("Guided One") who according to Muslim tradition will come to earth with all-knowing wisdom and justice to preside over the Day of Resurrection and rid the world of wrongdoing.  So far, all have been either discredited, defeated, killed in battle, executed, died in suspicious circumstances or simply been ignored and faded to a natural death.

But this game plan of world dominion and a religion to which all mankind shall eventually be conformed (either through peaceful compliance or by force) is not going away. Islam is the most terrible of all Judeo-Christian offshoots, founded by a brutal caravan raider, Muhammad (c.570-632 AD, a relative newcomer to the world's religions), the self-proclaimed prophet, descendant of the forefather of the Arab nation, Ishmael, boasting of this violent lineage and worthy of his awful genetic trait to this day. If his descendants are not fighting the world they are destroying each other.

Early Jews in Arabia (45% of the city of Medina was Jewish when Muhammad was born) knew that Allah was merely a very popular idol of the Arabians in Mecca. They would have observed how and when this crescent moon god, originally from Mesopotamia, was raised to sole prominence by a rapacious brigand of terror. When they rejected Muhammad as a false prophet he exiled or slaughtered entire Jewish clans (this and other basic information in this webpage can easily be checked in any detailed encyclopedia). Almost every Islamic nation since has vowed the eradication of Israel. The Koran (literally, "Recital"), a brain-washing mantra that Muslims have blared at them from loudspeakers every week, pronounces  this against dissenters: "Kill them until there are no more disbelievers. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out." 

In 1975, when this author was in Bangladesh with an aid organization he was virtually under house arrest for about a week because the "true" Muslims had killed Sheik Mujib Rahman and overthrown his moderate and semi-secular government, imposing a national curfew. Like the "great" sultans of old they slaughtered that man's family even to distant uncles (including cutting off their hands and tying them down in salt barrels) to prevent any comeback resistance (many coups have since followed). At the top of their agenda in their new "constitution" for that hellishly poor and backward country was (health? education? welfare?) the destruction of Israel.

Many English versions of the Koran hide the deadly intent from the unsuspecting reader by inserting "do not befriend," but the word "kill" is what Muslims, not just terrorists, hear regularly, and it is nothing like the teachings of Christ and his golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do to you) or, say, Confucius and his reverse golden rule (do not unto others what you would not have done to you) or the assumed pacifism of the Buddha (whether he was a real man or not). Bear in mind we are not comparing followers here (for Christians and Buddhists are also soaked in blood) but the words of the sources. When true and faithful Muslims go on a rampage they are indeed following Muhammad.

The Koran which he "received" is no ordinary work of man. He claimed it was revealed to him by an angel who demanded he write it down on pain of strangulation. In fact it is a rehash of Biblical themes and names, torn out of historical context 600 years after Christ, arranged to suit Muhammad's aims and create a god in his image and to his own liking. But that it partly came from another power is certain, for it most eloquently curses any who say that Jesus was the Son of God, one of the apostle John's precise descriptions of the "spirit of antichrist". A mere caravan raider could not invent such a poetic and trance-like work that could hold whole nations (now well over a billion people) in dark suppression for 1,400 years and today threatens world peace.

This "revelation," endlessly recited in mosques and public streets, also justifies the taking of "spoils" from non-Muslims (holy stealing) in the name of "merciful" Allah. Armed with this lucrative and militant faith (no god except Allah and Mohammed his prophet) Muslims expanded an empire from India to southern Europe, "converting" at sword-point, plundering non-conformists. Islamic law endorses cruel repression of minorities, gross inferiority for women, death bans on marrying non-Muslims, death for renouncing Islam, and bans on the free speech, assembly and buildings of other faiths. But their mosques are freely built elsewhere. This is no cultural exchange, it is one-way infiltration which has put the West's internal security in jeopardy. Islam has no place in a world of basic democratic freedoms yet it is represented in many seats at the (dis)United Nations. This confrontation has been coming for centuries. It is not simply a Middle East "holy land" dispute, or about the historically recent discovery of oil, or merely a reaction to the evil of some US overseas policies and interference, or the predatory and crushing trade tactics of US corporations, hungry for globalization. That all fuels the fire, to be sure, but this is essentially a religious war, Islam against all others.

For indoctrinated Muslims who die in this jihad there is the promise of "clear eyed virgins" and "fresh young boys" in paradise. *(see notes at the bottom of this page) This prospect made one famous Islamic writer so excited he wrote a poem entitled The Joy of Sodomy. * Many Arab oil sheiks are notorious in their particular fondness for extremely young girls (virgins preferred) following in the footsteps of their "The Prophet." This major or so-called "great" religion has a founder who is well documented as a murderer and plunderer, raiding caravans, killing the men and selling the women and children.  The youngest of his many consorts and wives, Aishah, was either 7 or 9 years old when he consummated his marriage to her. * That is pedophilia, even in the ancient world. Muslim scholars have invented myriad excuses for it, some claiming that he merely "looked after" her. Then why did he marry her rather than adopt? He had plenty of other spouses and concubines of appropriate age with whom he could have sexual relations. Yet "the faithful" call this terrible creature the "Infinite Light" and cannot say his name without blessing him. For one born a Muslim to speak against him is almost certain to bring forth a sentence of death; Salman Rushdie being a well-known case in point.

The Western powers have not yet reawakened to what they are up against, a system which has terror that is truly fundamental and radical (literally "in its very roots"). This is not about cells of fringe terrorists, it’s about entire regimes of intolerant oppression, leaders who think nothing of financing terror, spilling their own people’s blood (e.g. Iraq vs. Iran 1980-88) and sending children younger than teenagers to war, urged on by countless raving "holy men" (from clerics to imams). Pakistan alone (population 140 million and considered "moderate") has thousands of jihad training schools for boys, and they make the Hitler youth look tame. This is a world religion founded and spread in violence, and still expanding rapidly. The 9/11 tragedy of the World Trade Center cost 3,000 lives. In that same year 50,000 Indians died in Muslim terrorist attacks and went largely unnoticed. It's not just Israeli discos where they are blowing people up; it is happening as far away as the Philippines and this will continue relentlessly all over the globe.

This is classic of their tactics, hitting unarmed civilians and using them as pawns. Suleyman the Not-So-Great (reigned 1520 to 1566 AD) and former leaders of the Ottoman empire used similar methods, especially in sieges.  This is exactly the fear that people in North Africa, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey lived under when the hordes of Muhammad came out of the desert. Because those nations had chosen to play the harlot with God's name (in embracing Christianity: all those places had fallen prey to the legacy of the Church Fathers like Augustine, Ignatius and Jerome) He sent them an even worse scourge, the most violent of all Judeo-Christian offshoots. Before Christ it was the Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians and Hittites to whom people fell prey for muddying God's name. Now it is clearly Islam which is being sent as the darkness which idol worshippers and neo-pagans must live with, be they Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Persians chose the superstition of Zoroaster and received a double dose of paganism with Islam's arrival. That once great empire is now the dark realm of Iran. Africans in particular, and many North American blacks, are being snared by its expansion, foolishly thinking that Jesus is a "white man's god" and throwing out Christianity (a good move) only to receive a much worse form of slavery, even further from the truth which sets free.

The West may decide that the world cannot afford Islam, and take the kind of ultimate action which stopped the Third Reich (Christian) or fanatical, militant Japan (Shinto-Zen Buddhist) with its divine emperor for whom pilots flew suicide missions. Mecca may even be evaporated and Muhammad discredited forever at the UN and in the history books. But that is unlikely in the short term, and with the weak will of Western leaders it might be done in half measure, making the hornet's nest far worse. Timid politicians are afraid that dealing with Islam might start WW3, failing to realize that a world war is already in place. Comparisons between the WTC and Pearl Harbor are not far fetched. It is only a matter of time before the West may be forced to respond with massive force or capitulate. Want to find out how it will all really end? Then read about it in The Truth Which Sets Free and in more detail in the Arabian section of The Dark Powers That Bind.


* References for this material from the Koran and other Islamic sources may be obtained by opening this small text file: Islamic_References.txt

CAUTION. Some readers have found these reference quotes extremely disturbing. Direct internet links are not supplied on this site. They are only made available in this supplementary manner to substantiate statements on perverse Koranic sexual themes and Muhammad's own degeneracy which some readers have found unbelievable. Standard encyclopedias will give the details of murderous or plundering exploits but usually steer clear of this most unsavory area at the very heart of Islam. None of this original material is pleasant, nor can it be by its very nature. If you do not need convincing then do not examine these references.