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Origins and Destinies "And He is the head of the body, the gathering, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the pre-eminence…Let no one cheat you of your reward, taking delight in false humility and worship of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, and not holding fast to the Head, from whom all the body, nourished and knit together by joints and ligaments, grows with the increase that is from God." (Colossians 1:18, 2:18,19) Note carefully that the word "church" does not belong in the above verses, but is very appropriate in the following ones.

"The Most High does not dwell in churches made with hands, as the prophet says: ‘Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. What house will you build for Me? says the LORD, Or what is the place of My rest?'...God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in churches made with hands." (Acts 7:48,49; 17:24)

True Church?

Greeting readers,

As many of you already know, I do not take part in online forums; for the same reason as I no longer write letters to the editors of newspapers. I have had too many bad experiences with editors, moderators and commentators changing the sense of what I have said and even deliberately changing my original text to mean something else completely. And I have found that of all people, Christians are the leading experts at putting words into another's mouth, re-publishing another's work with the words altered (as John Wesley did), implying things that the original author did not say, and coming to false conclusions in haste without reading all the facts. They are also the principal experts at twisting scripture to their own aims, particularly in their incessant quest for churchdom. They hear what they want to hear, and disregard the rest. They are not open to reason, and will close their eyes and ears rather than carefully peruse and consider the mountain of historical evidence staring them in the face.

So let us have a look at some of these subtle ploys right now, particularly with respect to the critical subject of the Dark Lord's ace card. If you do not yet know what that is, you will need to read the facts, all of them, very carefully and in-depth in  The Truth Which Sets Free, from the very beginning of this gigantic fraud invented by the early church fathers and councils and later endorsed by emperors and bishops. If you skip around it quickly like a churchman then you will forever remain trapped, cheated, duped and trumped by the ace card and miss out on the “glorious liberty of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21)

I will start with a simple and classic example, a comment found in an Internet chat forum that was brought to my attention. This person had been invited to read The Truth Which Sets Free, but he slid around it in a hurry, as do most religious people when they are fixated with a preconceived notion of this thing they call the church.

“Having had a quick look round his web site, he seems to tout the idea that the Antichrist is the church and so he advocates a churchless Christianity. This is not a view in accordance with the scriptures, where Christ promises to build his church throughout the ages.” A quick look indeed, arriving at equally hasty conclusions, a trait very commonly found in devout churchmen. Examine The Truth Which Sets Free, reader, and you will find that the above statements are all untrue.

Firstly, the church is not the Antichrist. The church is saturated with the spirit of antichrist, to be sure, but it is a very specific "apostolic succession" (of individuals who sit at the head of that beast) that qualifies and exists as the Antichrist.

Secondly, I do not advocate a churchless Christianity. I believe in a fully-churched Christianity. That is where Christians squarely belong, in a church, in the house of goats. Christians will ardently tell you that their cherished church is the wheat field in Christ's parable, with a few tares or weeds also growing in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The field in Jesus' story referred to His elect. The church is another plot altogether, as you will find out right away in Chapter 1 and then with extensive factual verification throughout The Truth Which Sets Free.

Thirdly, Christ never promised to build a church. He never used that word of his elect body. No Scripture does. But Christians do. They have inserted it hundreds of times in erroneous Bible translations so that they can claim that their own doctrines and organizations are “in accordance with the Scriptures.” The historical origin of the word "church" can be found in The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 2, and a list of the verses in which “church” incorrectly appears in Christian translations of Bibles can be found in The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 4.

The church is quite literally a kind of circus, both terms very aptly being derived from the same word source: kyriakon. The Greek word for the "called out" or "elect assembly" of the Lord in Scripture is ekklesia, similar in meaning to the Hebrew qahal. The word from which church is derived (also Scottish kirk, Netherlands kerk, German kirche, Anglo-Saxon circe, circus) comes from the Greek kyriakon, meaning "house of the god" or the dwelling place of the deity, sometimes a temple containing an actual idol of the god. "It is distinct from ekklesia meaning assembly." (Harper’s Bible Dictionary, Harper Row, 1985) The word church simply does not belong in the Word of God in reference to God's elect; it is the label for a pagan body or place of worship.

William Tyndale (c.1494-1536) went to great pains to eradicate this counterfeit insertion into the Scriptures. It cost him his life, at the hands of Christians (read about this in detail here). Thereafter they were as shrewd as they were wicked in using most of his meticulous work (without giving him any credit) to issue their own “authorized version” of the Bible, endorsed by King James (a sodomite who justified his same-sex antics by saying that Jesus had the same kind of relationship with the apostle John). Their version was the perfect vehicle in which to rob Tyndale of his work and put the word “church” back into Scripture in as many places as they could. And to this day Christians of like mind insist that "church" is the best word to substitute for the body of the Lord's elect, the ekklesia.

Christians have always been masters in the use of this method of high-jacking and substitution. They have done it with the Word as well as with outright paganism and blended both to form their precious "church" with all its traditions, calendars, holy days, sanctified places of worship, sacraments and doctrines. Even the word "church" has clever double and triple meanings, and they will never give up trying to slip this word down your throat, sweetened with a little sugar if necessary. If you wish to be truly free, you must be just as diligent and relentless in spewing it back out, erasing it from your vocabulary entirely except where it rightfully belongs, in reference to the pagan and neo-pagan house built by men. Here is a perfect example of a Christian using the word incessantly in very subtle ways and with very cunning associations.

“I want you to belong to the one true Church: to the Church outside of which there is no salvation.” (J. C. Ryle, The True Church, 1858, available on the Web here or here) The Pope himself could not have stated this doctrine more crisply, and has said the same thing countless times. Read this brief message carefully. It is a favorite amongst modern "evangelicals" and can be found on many Internet sites. The Anglican bishop J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) occasionally wrote some interesting and strong words; nevertheless he was a hireling priest, a profession that, according to the New Testament, the Son of God died to render obsolete and rid from His chosen people once and for all. (See: The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 8) Ryle's wages were paid by the state-created Church of England, an offshoot from Mother Rome, so of course he needed to believe that there was a “true church” as opposed to a false one.

That is an inherent problem of being a servant of the church. Churchmanship is not discipleship, and if you let yourself be snared in it you will be caught trying to serve two masters. Ryle should have known better. As an English churchman he certainly would have known that William Tyndale was hunted down and executed by Christians for his remarkably accurate translations, correctly purging the word church from the Scriptures. There is no “true church” except for the one created and inhabited by Christian goats, but Ryle proclaimed that there were “true Christians” (confusing them with the elect) operating as “the active workers for spreading the knowledge of pure religion.” That is another completely unscriptural term; "religion" is not in the Word of God and it is not for the elect; it occurs in Christian Bibles only by mistranslation, and it is for the goats.

Ryle also omitted to mention that the main culprit in the persecution and killing of the Lord’s elect has been the church. Churchmanship is the enemy of discipleship; it seeks to trick it with words, trip it up with idle questions, snare it in vain repetition and ritual, stifle it, and ultimately silence it, with nails if necessary. This has been and always will be the case. (Matthew 5:12, 23:34; Luke 11:49, Acts 7:51,52) Just as the Jewish churchmen (the 'old' Israel of the flesh) persecuted and killed the truly chosen (the 'old' Israel of the Spirit), so too Christian churchmen (the 'new' Israel of the flesh) harass and strangle the elect (the 'new' Israel of the Spirit), the goats ever hounding the sheep in God's name.

And just count how many times Ryle used the unscriptural word “church” as though it referred to God’s elect in his very short essay (indeed, in all his writings ). It is quite astonishing. “…this is the ‘holy Catholic Church’ of the Apostles’ Creed; this is the ‘One Catholic and Apostolic Church’ of the Nicene Creed…when the Lord’s jewels are made up, and the manifestation of the sons of God takes place, Episcopacy, and Presbyterianism, and Congregationalism will not be mentioned; one Church only will be named, and that is the Church of the elect.”

Wrong. Neither denomination nor any church at all will be mentioned (except in eternal banishment). The elect should never be confused with the Church or with Christians, especially the cults who departed from the original apostles’ teaching in the early centuries, even while some of the first disciples were still alive. (See: The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 7) The apostles of Christ wrote no such thing as “the apostles’ creed,” nor would they have uttered it. This and other inventions by the early Christian Councils can be read in full in The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 6.

The early North African Christians became so enamored with the church, especially the all-encompassing model espoused by “Saint” Augustine (350-430 AD) that soon afterward God sent them the even worse scourge of Islam (sound familiar?) from which they never recovered. Because they “did not receive the love of the truth” God sent them a “strong delusion, so that they should believe in the lie.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10,11)

And consider these statements made by a popular and very deluded Oriental churchman: “God cannot do anything at will; He has to do everything through the church. Without going through the church, God cannot do anything...God cannot do anything by Himself today. There is a free will besides His will. If this will does not cooperate with Him, He cannot do anything… God cannot do what He wants to do by Himself; He has to do it with the cooperation of the church… There is a power in the church which puts God’s power under its control. It can allow God to do what He wants to do, and it can stop God from doing what He wants to do.” (The Prayer Ministry of the Church - Watchman Nee, 1903-1972, Chinese author and church planter during the early 20th century, who eventually died in prison for his beliefs, best known for his book The Normal Christian Life.)

Utterly ridiculous reader! This makes God no better than a pagan deity waiting hopefully with fingers crossed for man to do the right thing in order to make some shaky grand plan succeed. The LORD wears no such chains, otherwise He could not promise any secure plan of redemption in case man with his supposedly free will messed it up. The Most High declares, “I will accomplish all my purpose,” (Isaiah 46:10) calling out his elect "by name" with such "great power" that “not one is missing,” (Isaiah 40:26) a guarantee confirmed by the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, that every soul given to the Son by the Father shall indeed be rescued. (John 6:37; 17:6-9) God will achieve everything according to his will, as decreed from before the world was even made, and redeem His chosen people, no matter what the church, that fake and substitute body, tries to do to mislead His elect. Is it any wonder that the Chinese experience of Christianity has been such a notable walk in the dark? The last thing you want to be caught doing reader, when the LORD God Almighty appears to wrap up this age, is sitting in a church or living anything that remotely resembles the “normal” Christian life.

Church, church, church, repeated over and over, is the age-old Christian card trick, delivered with well-practiced sleight of hand. True church, false church, universal church, militant church, visible church, invisible church, anything as long as it has the word church in it. They love the word; they cannot get enough of it. And this cannot be stressed enough. If the Lord had wanted his body or his bride called a church he would have done so, but he did not. This is a Christian deception, spiked into the Scriptures. Ephesians 5:23 does not say that Christ is the head of a church. It says he is the head of his elect. The church is not the bride of Christ, not the elect body of which Christ is the head, not the chosen assembly he is coming to collect. (See: The Truth Which Sets Free, Chapter 17)

The church is man-made and man-assembled; the election of the Lord is God-planned and God-gathered. The author of the church is a very sinister character, a baal, a counterfeit lord. The author of the real election is the LORD. The body that is knitted together by God, prearranged and and structured under Christ, is not the organization or institution called the church, which is a very subtle proxy for it. That is the name of this deadly game: substitution, the replacement of the elect household and family body with a fake "house of god" created by an impostor posing as the real LORD and using His name. It has been so from the very beginning; there are over five thousand years' worth of historical facts attesting to this, and you can read all about the earliest forms of this devious scheme in The Dark Powers That Bind. This is the epic and underlying battle for the souls of mankind, from the foundation of this world to its conclusion.

Reader, do not rely on someone else’s opinion on the contents of The Truth Which Sets Free, especially if that person has not even read it, like the individual cited above. Read it for yourself, the whole book, and check the historical facts and references. I have had Christians label me as a person who “does not like to give thanks” simply because I reject the religious farce of habit and vain repetition that churchmen employ when doing so. See the subtlety? When their empty ways are uncovered, they apply a smear tactic in order to write off the threat to their void traditions. If you really want to know how this author feels about giving thanks, and how to do so in true spontaneity, then read what I said, not what they say I said. You will find it in Chapter 8, Clergy & Saints, and Chapter 10, Church Sacraments, in The Truth Which sets Free. You will also find there that it is Christians who have  invented dreadfully disfigured forms of giving and giving thanks, in complete and unashamed opposition to the Word. They give to be seen by men, and they pray to be heard by men, at restaurant tables, amplified by their church microphones, and even ludicrously broadcasting their "prayers" on the public media of radio and TV, far exceeding the antics of the church goats in Jesus' time who prayed aloud on street corners. (Matthew 6: 1-6)

And if you do find that you have ears to hear and your eyes are opened to see the information contained in The Truth Which Sets Free, then you can be sure that these devious tactics will also be used on you. These truths come at a considerable price. Understand this, that if you grasp this liberty half-heatedly and then try to go back to the neo-pagan embrace of the church, like the majority of the Exodus Israelites who were freed in body but not in spirit and wished to return to the sacred cows and comforts of Egypt, your last state will be much worse than your first.

I am with the likes of Tyndale, reader. I am prepared to go to the stake for the truth, in whatever measure it is granted to me in laborious research or simple discovery, and to make it available to the elect in unvarnished form, undiluted and unblended with Christian inventions, no matter what the church may say or do to me. Neither church nor state, both so commonly found in each others' beds, subsisting in the same pursuit of lording their systems over the minds of men, will be around in the next world. The "true church" will be where it really belongs, with all the structures invented and built by men, locked away in eternal darkness, and the true government in the kingdom of light will rest upon the shoulders of a single person. (Isaiah 9:6)

This cannot be emphasized enough, reader. Living or laying down your life for the church, believing it is of God,  is the worst and saddest kind of misguided waste, and it does indeed "sow the seed" of more churchdom, in exactly the same way as Marxist martyrs breed more Marxists, or any other cause is furthered by sacrifice, valid or not. It is the Word of truth and Body of truth that are worth living and dying for, and where lasting reward resides. That is where serving the LORD is found. Where do you stand, reader? In which body will you be found when He comes? If it is called a church, then you are almost certainly in for the shock of shocks when the Man with the scars arrives. Check the facts for yourself now, fully and carefully, while there is still time, in The Dark Powers That Bind and The Truth Which Sets Free.