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SAMPLE CONTENTS: Note, these illustrations are no longer in any book edition, only on this web page. Gray's Anatomy is acknowledged as the prime reference for these drawings.



Origins and Destinies "The hour is coming and NOW IS, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God...when all who are in the tombs shall hear his voice and come forth...All that the Father gives to me shall come to me, and the one who comes to me I shall by no means cast out...this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me but raise it up on the last day." (Jesus, John 5:25-29; 6:38,39)

Raising the Dead

Your date with destiny

Previously published by The Olive Press, this entire booklet is now included in the Addendum of The Truth Which Sets Free.

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A Grave Situation

A resurrection of some kind has been a cornerstone in many ancient beliefs, whether it be an awakening of wrapped Egyptian mummies to once again enjoy their worldly possessions or a spiritual but "non-tangible" rebirth of classical Greek, Hindu and Buddhist myths. Today there are the corny horror movies and tabloid reports of people who "died" momentarily and came back. These sorry attempts to define or redefine death and recovery all fail to meet the real test, the physical resurrection of a body long in the tomb, with the smell of decomposed flesh still in the air.

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Come Alive!

There are two certainties facing every individual on the planet and they are NOT death and taxes (even taxes have been successfully avoided and evaded), they are death and something else. While reading this page you have already personally moved a minute closer to those two absolute facts. We all have it coming to us. You cannot afford to ignore this subject forever. Find out what Ezekiel discovered when he was shown a valley of bones.

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Total Surrender

Religious people talk about this all the time, especially mystics, Buddhists, Hari Krishna devotees and Christian charismatics.

What is wrong with this picture? Indeed, what is wrong with both of these words?

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Raising Now

The resurrection test is being left for a "coming hour". Or is it? Has it been done before? And what about today? How about the "now is," the hour Jesus declared? Is there a present resurrection? What about raising the dead right this minute?

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Born Again

Rebirth is one of the building blocks of religion all over the globe, from reincarnation to fads of "new person" reinvigoration. But the Word of God reveals an entirely different truth. Jesus painstakingly explained to a religious leader called Nicodemus that it was necessary to be  "born from above." Nicodemus thought this meant being "born again." The only similarity between what Jesus described and physical birth was that both have nothing to do with the will of the child and everything to do with the will of the parent. It is not clear whether Nicodemus understood. Christian evangelists certainly don't, nor do they want to.

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Wanted Dead or Alive

King David said that even if he hid in the depths of the nether world God would find him. Job said that though his skin was disintegrated (literally "struck off") he would, in the flesh, stand and see God. Even the sea shall give up its dead. There is a wanted poster for every soul who has ever lived, and do not deceive yourself that you come around again as a toad or another person. You are you once and forever. You may have descendants but your seed is no more you than an acorn is a reincarnation of the oak it came from. You are absolutely unique. You will still be you when your spirit is again made incarnate (literally, "meat covered") through instantaneous nuclear fusion. Are you ready?

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Not By Bread Alone

Man shall live by every word which proceeds from God, said Jesus. What word? Which God?

From its inception the Church has very carefully manipulated its own message by altering the Word, even taking the scissors to single verses of Scripture in order to quote only half the text. When the meaning is thus changed so is the direction, from life to death. Find out which verses Christians most love to abuse in this way.

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Wonderful Testimonies

Perhaps this along with "abundant life" and "rapture" are the most favoured themes of Christian books today. Churchmen revel in it. So do devotees of practically every religion and cult the whole world over. Nothing could be further from the spirit of the prophets and apostles in Scripture. Find out John the Baptist's opinion in this matter, and what Jesus said about John.

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Raising Hell

Jesus said the Gates of Hell would not prevail against something he was creating. Christians think this means the Church, or themselves. But the overwhelming evidence is that they are the very ones in chains, held by that Dark Power! The train of life is passing by and they are asleep in the dark, thinking all is well. Will anyone escape the death grip of the most subtle foe ever to pace across the face of the earth? Jesus asked, "When the Son of Man comes will he find faith on earth?" Well, will he?

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We Found It!

This is one of the most deceptive sayings ever produced by Christianity. What it implies is as impossible as a dead pirate finding a treasure chest, and yet this phrase is used incessantly in "crusades" and do-it-yourself, pray-this-prayer-now salvation booklets. Get to the bottom of this deliberate fraud and discover what really happens behind the scenes.

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Inside My Heart

When John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress he exposed many a classic churchman and especially one tricky fellow who said he believed "because my heart tells me so." This is the basis of most religious faith and philosophy. It is not Biblical at all. The word of God says, "He who trusts in his heart is a fool." The inner feeling is never the target of trust, not even a "saving" experience. Find out what true faith is, where it comes from, and what real meditation is compared to the sham of the navel-gazers.

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The Death Of Us

This is the greatest story ever told. The universe hinges on it but its meaning is deliberately hidden from the vast majority of people who have no idea what really happened, especially Christians. The "mechanics" of how a substitute can actually suffer and die for another's error under the Law of God, and exactly what else was transacted, was decided in a deal made before the world was even created! Whose place did the Man from Nazareth take? Churchmen talk about it as though they understand, but when the real thing starts unfolding they run for cover...in the best hiding place from God ever invented.


Previously published by The Olive Press, this entire booklet is now included in the Addendum of The Truth Which Sets Free.